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Fraud Awareness


Learn to identify the red flags of fraud: vague descriptions of investments, lack of documentation, individual investor, etc.


Read and study our materials

to educate and defend yourself against

the many financial dangers today.


Work with Fraud Aware to

minimize the impact of fraud in the

Anabaptist community.

Common Types of Fraud to be Aware Of:

Illegal Money Pools

People offering to reinvest your money for you that are not properly registered with the SEC, not giving proper oversight to investments . . .

Gift Card / Phone Scams

Beware of phone calls from unrecognized numbers or calls from people pretending to be officials attempting to help you or instructing you to buy gift cards . . .

Affinity Fraud

Sometimes the threat of fraud comes from people you know well. They take advantage of your trust and misuse your finances. Be aware!

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