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Downloadable resources to protect yourself from scams and fraud.

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We have FREE literature available:

Investment Fraud

A Guide to Identifying Illegal Investments

An 8 page booklet the provides basic education on legality and concepts of investment that are needed to spot problem areas.

Investment Fraud Among Us

A 20 page booklet provides a vital look at how financial practices within the Anabaptist community are contributing to and supporting a pattern of financial abuse. Learn to notice the warning signs that accompany investments offered by "church people".

FREE Articles

These articles can help you be better prepared to evaluate risk in investment.


Fraud Aware

A pamphlet introducing our organization

Fraud and Scam Stories

Accounts of fraud victims to help us to be alert to fraud techniques

FBI Meeting Notes

Notes from an FBI / Fraud meeting at Martindale, PA.

Don't Fall for Stamp Fraud!

Click on the banner below to view or download our stamp fraud PDF

FTC Articles

Protect yourself from scammers. These articles from the Federal Trade Commission will show you how to spot when you're being scammed.

How to Avoid a Scam

Protecting Personal Information

Phone Scams

Cybersecurity For Small Business

Scams and Your Small Business

Start with Security

FTC Bookmarks

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